Boost Your Budget

Do you want to save against your Housekeeper’s budget whilst ensuring bedding is kept to the consistently high standard expected by guests? The answer lies in our new scheme: Boost Your Budget


“Good sleep is our passion”

Consumer Habits At Home
Consumer Expectations Of Hotels


We also asked:

“If you really liked the duvet and / or pillow you used at a hotel and had the opportunity to buy the bedding would you be likely to buy it?”

20% said they would definitely buy, as long as the price was right for them

54% said they would maybe buy, as long as the price was right for them


Boost Your Budget – How does it work?

Step 1

Tent card placed in guest room

Step 2

Guest makes online purchase using 10% discount code

Step 3

Hotel receives 15% of the sale (commission credit)

Step 4

Credit = Free product, saving Housekeeper’s budget

The Benefit

As guests buy the products online, duvet & pillow purchases become  Self Funding for the hotel



Spundown 10.5tog king size duvet RRP £65

Consumer uses 10% discount online to purchase Spundown duvet = £58.50

Hotel receives 15% commission credit from this purchase = £8.78

Need to sell 2.5 duvets to fund a new duvet (£21.80)

What are you waiting for?

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*Study was based on a sample of  x1,000 participants.

*In order to get a representative sample, there was a split of males & females across all areas of the UK, whose age ranged from 18-55+