Throwing a big party for your guests on bonfire night can be stressful – gathering all the sparklers and preparing creative warm nibbles can get slightly overwhelming at times. We have put together a few essentials to help you kit out and get cosy on bonfire night whilst trying not to freeze your bits off.

Thick woolly clothing might keep you warm, but there’s nothing cosier than snuggling a fluffy, soft duvet in the cold. We have a few great options, from basic synthetic duvets to luxurious naturals duvets. With machine washable properties, you don’t need to worry about the great cost of washing afterwards.

If additional cosiness is needed, pillows and cushions are a great way to amplify the festive vibes. We love a plump one like our Spundown firm pillows.

Pillow Protectors
Bringing your pillows outdoors can be risky – mud, grimes and dirt can get all over them, which makes cleaning up undesirable. Pillow protectors come in handy especially on special occasions like this – the extra layer protects your pillows from wear and tear, which increase their longevity.

Mattress Toppers
After a long night, your guests will be expecting a perfect night’s sleep. The best solution is a soft, luxurious mattress topper to enhance the sleep experience – our best seller Dual Layer Mattress Topper never disappoints.

So there are our bonfire night essentials, we hope you and your guest will have a wonderful festive night. Stay warm!