Currently rated as the ‘number one B&B in England’ on TripAdvisor, credited as 2016 Devon Boutique B&B, winner of the Luxury Travel Guide and AA Gold Award for the 2016 B&B category, Julian and Andy have spent the last 18 months and a major six figure sum renovating The 25 Boutique B&B, creating six very different individually styled luxurious bedrooms to an extremely high standard. When it came to creating a luxurious bedroom, it’s not just the décor or furnishings they had to consider, but right down to the type of bedding they sourced. They formerly stocked a variety of bedding from different manufacturers and ages and having experienced the softness and high quality of our luxurious bedding during a recent stay in another guest house, they knew exactly where they were going to go to source their own bedding!


Situated on the South Coast of England, or English Riviera as it is commonly referred to, The 25 Boutique B&B opted for our Boutique Silk range of synthetic pillows and duvets. Thanks to its ability to be washed in-house, and at 60oC, the temperature that kills dust mites, this range of bedding was ideal, creating a more allergy friendly sleep environment for its guests.

Andy Banner-Price, Owner, The 25 Boutique B&B comments, “We are thrilled with the quality of the bedding and continuously receive feedback from our guests that they had the best night’s sleep specifically citing the luxurious feel of the bedding. Some have even purchased the duvets directly. Having spent the past seven years running a successful award-winning country house hotel in North Wales, we embraced this renovation and specifically decided to create a luxurious B&B for the young professionals to escape the hustle and bustle of city life”.