It was recently reported that better handling of customer feedback in the hospitality industry could boost the UK economy by £3.2bn. This is a significant amount that hoteliers could be tapping into but not only is this research pertinent within the hotel and guest house sector but it could also be said to be very beneficial to the suppliers within this industry as The Barclays Feedback Economy report goes on to predict that the impact on the sector’s large supply chain could be contributing £1.2bn to this total. Imagine if customers were given the opportunity to review and ultimately request the bedding from hotels where they’ve stayed? This is exactly what we are, and have been, doing for some time now!

From the smaller boutique guest houses to the larger exclusive hotels, customers are always willing to pass opinion on regarding their overnight experiences with the likes of travel review sites like TripAdvisor as well as the hotel social media channels that have exploded onto the scene in the last decade. While these feedback sites are still very popular ways of submitting individual reviews, they are extremely time consuming and expensive to manage and coordinate so we launched an easy-to-use way for customers to review their bedding while ‘in situ’ and even request to purchase it. And we have seen unprecedented positive feedback.

With the introduction of our ‘Boost Your Budget’ scheme, hoteliers can tap into a captive audience within their hotel rooms. For every guest purchase, hoteliers are able to benefit financially which in turn leads to a direct saving for their Housekeeping budget. As more guests buy the products online, duvets & pillow purchases become self-funding for the hotel or guest house.

From the lone traveller who stayed in a hotel in Scotland who said “omg the pillows were out of this world! So I had to see where they were from” to the family holiday to Jersey where they “all had the best sleep ever due to the Fine Bedding CompanyWe are gearing up for the Independent Hotel Show that takes place next month in London where we will be showcasing our complete range of high quality and luxurious synthetic bedding, on stand 221.’s pillow”, and to the family who “recently stayed at a hotel in Quinta do Lago in Algarve and they had your duck feather & down pillows which where sublime”, these reviews have added a new angle to our approach to offering hoteliers the best in bedding. By responding to customer’s reviews, businesses are better able to serve the evolving needs of consumer.