Hoteliers are switching on to the value of adopting sustainable practices within their businesses, using this as a compelling message to communicate to today’s environmentally friendly consumers but also to cut down on operating costs.

“But it’s important that hoteliers take a stance on sustainability beyond their own operations and strengthen their consumer message further by looking at their entire supply chain,” says Sara Nolan Sales Manager for The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division.

The Fine Bedding Company has released new figures relating to the production of its entire product range designed especially for the hospitality sector, demonstrating how it’s leading the industry in environmentally friendly practices.

It has revealed that:

  • 100% of the energy used to produce its synthetic duvets and pillows comes from certified renewable sources
  • Compared to the industry standard, it has a 19% lower carbon footprint on its duvet production
  • 94% of waste from its production facility in 2016 was recycled into ‘use’ and ‘energy’
    Its Spundown duvet uses up to 30% less fibre than the market average to produce the same tog rating (but still delivering loft)
  • The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division produces all of its synthetic duvets and pillows in their state of the art facility that has been awarded Eco Factory status and last year was named Estonian Environmentally Friendly Business of the Year.

Sara Nolan says “Over the past few years, we’ve recognised the positive eco measures that hotel operators are taking as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies.

“Simultaneously, consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly accommodation is on the rise, with a recent report claiming that 68 per cent of hotel guests are more likely to consider accommodation knowing that it was eco-friendly.

“It’s important for our customers to know that the products they’re specifying have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and there is a great opportunity for them to convey this to the end user as part of their eco credentials.

“Our environmental policies focus on quality, energy and resource efficiency. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our products through sustainable manufacturing and better quality performance.”

In addition to green production credentials, The Fine Bedding Company also offers hoteliers some of the most easy to wash products on the market, which in turn helps businesses reduce their laundering costs.

Sara Nolan comments, “Many hotels are recognising the benefits of using bedding that can be washed in-house, and we’re able to supply products that meet this need with our Spundown collection.”

Industry leading Down accreditationIt isn’t just the synthetic product range that comes with industry leading accreditations. The Fine Bedding Company and Nimbus natural ranges are setting industry standards in quality assurances regarding the traceability of their natural feather and down fillings. Both of these brands carry globally recognised quality assurances, full IDFL certification and also the Downpass seal, that that certifies no live plucking or force feeding practices occur, and products are traced from parent farms to finished product.

“Some of our customers include Intercontinental London O2, City Apartments, Motel One, who all report huge cost savings without compromising on quality.”