We can officially announce that The Fine Bedding Company are Gold Award Winners of the Green Apple Award 2017 for Environmental Engineering and Manufacturing from The Green Organisation!

We’re a family business with over 100 years of history and through the leadership of our Managing Director Claire Watkin (Great-granddaughter of founder William Harrison), the business has long maintained a reputation for innovation and market leadership. Not only are we hotelier suppliers, but we are manufacturers and retailers.

This project has been running for the past 3 years and we initially got involved with The Green Organisation as an ongoing vision to transform our Estonia-based production factory in to a factory that manufactures at the highest possible environmental standards. We wanted to create a production centre that has minimal environmental impact and resource efficiency, and by the development of innovative production techniques to reduce production waste and loss of raw materials.

The textiles industry is recognised as one with the greatest environmental impact, we believe that, even though we are relatively small, we can have a big impact by focusing on continuous improvement.

What are the Green Apple Awards?

The Green Apple Awards are the first initiative from The Green Organisation which was set up in 1994. It was launched as an annual international campaign to recognise, reward and promote individuals, companies, councils or international corporations who are involved in environmental best practice around the world.


Here are some of the accreditations and standards we have achieved as part of the project:

  • Green Energy: 100% renewable energy supply
  • Sustained and continued the over all reduction in energy consumption
  • Huge shift from almost all waste going to landfill to 94% of factory waste being recycled
  • Achieved M&S Eco Factory Status for manufacturing
  • We have used recycle fibres in our products equal to approximately over 17 million plastic bottles
  • Developed SonicSeam technique which reduces waste by approximately 7%, equivalent to between 22 and 16 tonnes. The remaining waste is collected and recycled
  • Estonian Environmentally Friendly Enterprise of the Year (2015)

Our biggest achievement though is the positive impact that the project has had across the business in the way we think and work, with all employees working together to improve processes, production and more.

Next steps

But the story doesn’t stop here. The company is already engaging in research and development towards more sustainable and environmentally freindly production. We’re sourcing fabrics and fibres to form our duvets and pillows to create products that are 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles. We’re challenging the status quo by promoting the use of longer lasting products and materials.

In addition we’re targeting zero waste to landfill, reducing waste produced & increasing productivity through LEAN manufacturing processes.  We’ve also set targets to further reduce usage of energy intensive production techniques.

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