Get ready for a revolution!

A man-made washable, hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly duvet and pillow set with the comfort and luxurious feel of down. Not only that, but when we created Smartdown® we had a SMART Promise in mind;


So, what’s this all about?

We’ve always been market leaders at The Fine Bedding Company, but Smartdown® for our Nimbus Emporium Pearl range is one of our best innovations, offering a vegan man-made alternative to goose down.

What makes it vegan?

Normal duvets are traditionally made by laying the fibres out and folding them one on top of the other to create layers to trap warmth. Using silky soft fibres made out of recycled PET plastic bottles, we’ve created a new generation of luxury bedding.

The fibres are transformed from the plastic bottles in our Eco factory using pioneering fibre-blowing technique and spun to create small individual down-like clusters which trap air in between one another to ensure insulation and warmth similar to goose down and feathers. Where normal duvet fibres are layered, the unique structure of the Smartdown® fibres means they can be blown like feathers and down in to the cotton duvet casing and then sewn in a square cassette pattern to create volume and make the duvet plump and lofty.

Not only that, but the Smartdown® clusters are more durable than feather and down, so they will keep their structure and performance for longer.

Did you say it’s made out of recycled plastic?

Choosing Smartdown over other conventional synthetic filled products saves more than 100 PET plastic bottles from landfill with every double size medium tog duvet created. For every ton of plastic we recover, 6.4 cubic metres of landfill space is saved. We’ve also worked out that the energy we save by using Smartdown® instead of virgin fibres could power a 60watt lightbulb for up to 25 nights. That’s not to mention the reduction in plastic pollution in our oceans and rivers this encourages.

You can see further details on how your duvet can benefit below.

Smartdown Pillows

But what about the cotton cover?

While the filling may be a little different, the product is Nimbus through and through, with its 280-thread count, BCI sustainably sourced cotton cover and our famous hand-finished detailing.

BCI cotton is Better Cotton Initiative approved and has been sourced in a way that is better for the people who produce it, the environment it grows in and better for the cotton industries future.

Does that mean it needs special treatment?

An environmentally friendly material, Smartdown® is both washable at 40°C in a domestic washing machine sand hypoallergenic. This makes it the perfect choice for luxury hotels, commercial settings, allergy sufferers and anyone who wants a wonderful night’s sleep.

Smartdown® Cover

Here is Smartdown® in numbers…

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