Supreme Down: 75% Goose Down Pillow


Our Supreme Down Pillow is filled with large clusters of luxurious goose down and goose feather, offering ultimate comfort and a luxuriously soft touch. It gently cushions the contours of the head and neck, providing optimal support. Cocooned in 100% soft luxury cotton cover, this premium quality pillow is soft and comfy inside and out.

The pillow comes in two styles: Standard and Surround. The surround pillow is constructed with an inner core, which provides more support and firmness.

We are committed to the ethical and responsible sourcing of all our natural down and feather products, certifying that product filling claims are true, tested and verified, that no live plucking has been undertaken and that the journey of our filling is fully traceable. So that you can be confident in the quality and durability of our products.

Sizes Standard, Surround
Filling 75% Goose Down, 25% Goose Feather – white feather
Casing 100% Cotton Cover
Product Centimetres Inches
Standard Pillow 74 x 48cm 29″ x 19″
Surround Pillow 74 x 48cm 29″ x 19″


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