New Smartfil®Air & Smartfil®Clusters are revolutionising duvet & pillow fillings forever


Smartfil®Air and Smartfil®Clusters are unique super soft micro fibre fillings for duvets and pillows that are unlike any other fibre fillings. Produced using customised equipment and combing processes, our fillings feel airy, natural and soft, but at the same time they are non-allergenic and washable.

Hygienic and durable, with a luxury feel, our duvets and pillows with Smartfil®Air and Smartfil®Clusters  are ideal for use in hotels.

Find out more about: why choose Smartfil®, Smartfil®Air and Smartfil® Clusters.

For the traditionalists amongst you:

We also supply a complete range of premium quality goose and duck down bedding for hotels.

As a member of the European Feather and Down Association, you can be confident that our naturals comply with the strictest standards of ethical sourcing and quality control.

We offer a variety of standard sizes across our hotel bedding range. See size chart for further details.

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