Smartfil® is engineered to give your guests a great night’s sleep night after night


Our Smartfil® products are luxurious, silky soft and retain their fluffiness even after a lifetime of washing. So you can exceed your guest’s expectations, keep bedding to a consistently high standard, and save money… what’s not to love?


Smartfil®  products are longer lasting & highly resilient…The permanent micro fine silicone glaze we use to coat the tiny mirco fibres means Smartfil® is as tough as diamonds yet silky-soft to the touch. With almost no friction between fibres the wonderful silky soft Smartfil® feel will never deteriorate.

Smartfil®  products are ultra washable. The permanent silicone coating on our Smartfil®  fibre filling ensures a superior wash & dry performance.

Smartfil®  micro fine fibres are highly compressible, meaning Smartfil®  products can be washed in both domestic and commercial washing machines, without losing quality or shape, ideal for saving on costly laundering bills.

Both pillows & duvets can be washed at 60oC  (the temperature that kills dustmites), ensuring the health & hygiene of your bedding and providing ideal reassurance for allergy sufferers.

Smartfil® products are also fast drying.


Our Smartfil® Air duvets are as warm and cosy as a comparable natural product, and exceptionally lightweight – something your housekeeping team will appreciate during room turnover. The tiny Smartfil® Air fibres create a super soft duvet that drapes around the body to offer warmth, comfort and breathability.

Our Smartfil® Clusters pillows contain free flowing micro fine fibres that gently shape around the head & neck. The resilience of the fibres means our Smartfil® Clusters pillows retain their shape & springiness.

And saves you money …

The ability to wash duvets and pillows in house has clear advantages for the hotel operator, not least a financial saving. By choosing Smartfil® you can eliminate costly laundry bills and be confident that your guest rooms will always be as fresh as a daisy.

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