Smartfil® Air


Smartfil® is proof that when technical knowhow meets creativity … a revolution is born!

Smartfil® Air is a blend of the finest fibres, engineered and layered to be the lightest fibre filling for its warmth.

Warmer, softer, lighter

Our innovative fabrication process makes it possible for more tiny siliconised fibres than ever before to be combed, multi-layered and folded, producing a super soft, incredibly light weight filling, with a superior warmth to weight ratio and overall thermal performance.

Our exceptionally light weight Smartfil® Air duvets are favoured by housekeepers; being the lightest fibre filled product on the market makes room turnover easier work for busy staff.

Engineered to give a great night’s sleep, night after night.

Smartfil® Air provides maximum warmth, stability and lightweight breathability and has a natural soft feel. Thanks to its multi-layered structure of micro fine coated fibres, Smartfil® Air has a dual purpose.  Much like active sportswear, it works to wick away humidity whilst keeping your guests warm.

Smartfil® Air lasts longer

The siliconised coating on Smartfil® Air makes it resilient to washing – so it will retain its softness and loft even after repeated laundering. It’s also very fast drying.

Smartfil® Air duvets can be washed in both domestic and commercial washing machines, the highly compressible micro fine fibres revive and recover wash after wash, allowing the duvets to retain both quality and shape, making it ideal for in-house hotel laundering.

Naturally non allergenic – healthier for guests

Offer your guests peace of mind by washing  Smartfil® Air duvets at 60°C, the temperature at which dustmites are destroyed. Couple this with the non allergenic properties of  Smartfil® Air duvets and you can provide your guests with a healthier night’s sleep.

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