Smartfil® Clusters


Engineered clusters revolutionising pillow design, for a great night’s sleep

Smartfil® Clusters are tiny yet resilient siliconised glazed fibres that settle into even distribution around the head and neck, providing maximum comfort.

Engineered to give a great night’s sleep, night after night.

Our innovative process spins and entwines Smartfil®  into silky-soft micro clusters which flow freely over each other without friction, and nestle around the head and neck. The result is a silky-soft feel whilst offering all the support your guests need throughout the night.

Plump & resilient

The siliconised coating on Smartfil® Clusters fibres make them resilient to washing – so a Smartfil® Cluster pillow will retain its plumpness, shape and support even after repeated washing.

Feels luxurious

Smartfil® Cluster pillows have greater resiliency and bounce, whilst feeling luxuriously cushioning and silky soft for enveloping comfort.

The free flowing movement of the cluster fibres means the pillows will revive and recover their springiness like new, everyday after plumping up.

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