InterContinental London – The O2 Gets Into Bed With The Fine Bedding Company


Motel One on a roll with Smartfil® Spundown: more site openings, this time in Manchester-Piccadilly


We surveyed 1000 participants from across the UK to find out exactly what customers expect from YOUR hotel bedding.


The Fine Bedding Company has years of expertise in the hospitality industry and we understand that, as hoteliers, you’re always looking for practical, cost-effective and durable solutions. We manufacture and supply our own exclusive product ranges, designing and innovating with your needs in mind. Want an example?

Our revolutionary Smartfil® non-allergenic bedding has the luxurious, cosy feel of natural down for a blissful night’s sleep.

When your guest has checked out however, your housekeeping team will find Smartfil® lightweight – and washable. Our fast-drying pillows, duvets and mattress protectors can be hygienically laundered at 60oC: fresh, clean and back on the bed, same day.

Smartfil® can withstand repeated washing, holding its form and plumpness beautifully. Its lightweight, low-density fibre means it will compress sufficiently for in-house laundering, and require less space when in storage. We offer a range of weights, finishes, fillings and custom sizes, for a truly bespoke service.

And like you, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We’re setting the standards in our industry for use of certified renewable energy, rigorous waste management and ethical sourcing of materials.

The Fine Bedding Company delivers comfort, high quality and environmental credentials your guests will love, as well as accountability, customer service and lower housekeeping costs.



Our clients are the institutions that can be found in the financial district of London, often senior executives who really apreciate a good night’s sleep. Smartfil® was the perfect choice for us because it combines high performance, practicality and is non allergenic but compares in quality to some of the finest natural products.

David Smith, Director, City Apartments


The pillows offer firm yet soft support for the neck whilst the duvets drape beautifully to encourage the deepest sleep. As a hotelier, I am also finding that the Smartfil® technology is helping us maintain a high hygiene level within an acceptable budget

Pascal Bailly, Director of Hospitality, Fontevraud L’Hotel



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